Tragically Beautiful!

Hello Everyone!

For the past three days, it has been raining heavily here. I mean, it is raining too much. July and August months are the time when the monsoon goes at its peak. Well, I think this time, Monson went over its peak. So I thought of sharing what had happened due to this rain and what might be the reason.

Our region, western ghats has an average rainfall of 3000-4000 per year. And it is completely normal for us to be isolated for one week in this mid-monsoon time. But from 5-6 years this system is going quite different. The worst situation I’ve ever seen in the monsoon was in 2019. We got one week break from school and even helicopters came to rescue the people stuck in the flood( not here. In some other part of our district). But 2021’s rain broke this record. The highest rainfall in the whole state recorded in these three days is 541mm which is in a small village in our district.

In our village, the first day we got average rainfall of 185 mm which is way too high for one day. And on Friday-23rd July, we got the highest rainfall ever recorded in our house- 279.2 mm. But in my cousin’s place and in some nearby villages, the average per one day was above 300mm. On Saturday, the rain became quite less and still, we didn’t get internet or electricity back( even today, we don’t have electricity) The scenario looked beautiful at first sight. But the effects are horrible. And that’s why I titled this post as ‘Tragically Beautiful’

I think we are lucky. This wasn’t a huge flood for us. But in other parts of the districts, it has affected more than I could imaging. And all the main bridges and almost all ghats( the place which are the slopes of western ghats and connects to the coastal areas) became impossible to travel. This time, more tragic accidents happened. Some people of nearby villages lost their entire houses. And many people lost their crops. Even our farm was filled with water and situations were out of hand.

Here are some photos from past three days:

Why all these are happening so often? Well, one is too much rainfall and another one is disasters- landslides, floods, etc. My grandmother always told me similar stories of floods back in her childhood. But he even adds that she had never seen this much rain. The answer for unpredictable, too much rain is simple – Climate change. We all, in some way, experienced a bit of change in our surroundings. Now it is a common word for us. But the effects are not common. We are experiencing the worst problems every time. It is in our hands to choose the better option.

But why do all the landslides and floods happen even the rainfall is normal sometimes? Because we changed our landscape patterns. If we cut down all the trees and build something near a hill, then what should we expect? Every landscape on the earth is so complicated and well designed. So even a small change happens, the situation goes bad. Landscapes are like silk cloths. They are sensible and a little change is dangerous for humans…

THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Heavy rainfall is common to us, but not too much rainfall. Many of you may have seen the worst scenarios of climate change. And for me – this year’s is the worst.

Is it raining in your place also? How’s the weather there? Have you experienced any worst situations because of climate change?

Also, As our school are sarting soon, I may not be consistent as I am now. But I’ll try my best to post( I’ll pop up with something every now and then 😉)

12 thoughts on “Tragically Beautiful!

  1. Your title is just so apt and this post is such an eye-opener. The monsoons can be both fiery and needed. I am just really shocked to hear that due to our actions, the whole ecosystem is going haywire. I hope in some time, the earth is restored to its original splendor…
    Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue ❤


  2. I have had no idea how much the rains have been affecting the Ghats so thank you so much for writing this post! I really like the fact that you illustrated both the good and the bad in your title. Great post, Vanya!


  3. Wow, that’s really crazy! The post title is so perfect, and… just wow. Thank you for this post, it was really a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amazing post! I agree, the post title described it really well! Your village is so beautiful (You know, without the flooding)!


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