Rain Quarantine and life of Pi

Hello there! Vanya here, after a long time. Well, It has been a pretty interesting time for me. New people, new college, new subjects, new books, ..(and a huge library!) Almost two weeks ago, we had a week ✨holiday✨ due to heavy rain and I got a chance to read some books again. I read sapiens, hidden life of trees and life of pi again. Out of these three re-reads, Life of pi is something that I felt like I was reading it for the first time.

I have watched the movie several times and I was amazed to see the cinematography and CGI and of course the story. It is the story of an Indian boy named Pi Patel ( yeah, the same pi in maths ) surviving in the pacific ocean with a boat and a Royal Bengal tiger. The movie even won four Oscar awards! So it was pretty obvious for me to read the book.

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New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone!

This is me, again. After a long break. So, my boards ended yesterday and they went AMAZING!

And along with my boards, I finished high school too( in my place, 8th grade to 10th grade is considered high school). Well, I guess 10th grade is the best part of my 3 years of high school. I can’t believe how fast time flies. It feels like just yesterday, I was a new eighth grader in school and now I am at the end of whole 3 years . My summer holidays finally started and, it is going to be a fresh start again. And hopefully next year will be more eventful.

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Wait, it flies?

Hello everyone! Well, our pre-boards have started and I just finished my first pre board exam( two more exams waiting for me!)

So, a day before my English exam, I and my friends were idly sitting studying outside in school( well, it is actually very near to the woods) and one of my friends called us to see what she saw. She pointed out a coconut tree, which was exactly in front of her. What was there?

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